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The Future of in Africa

The Next level of E-commerce is a mix of web 2.0 and 3.0. There is no doubt about it. The only question is what about Africa?

I have been reading a lot about african markets all around the world and the impact of new techs in continent business.

I have already asked myself several times the best way(s) I could bring to the world the valued work the african children produce each year.

It’s really tough honestly to be an african entrepreneur when half of globe still think your continent is a « shit hole » while you see the value flying away to GAFA (in form of Data but not only!).

I came up with one solution for :

We have worked on it with my (lovely) team for several months now. This is not a white paper… But a way to bring more ideas on how several minds could change the face of our continent :

We failed to catch the 2000 ‘s boom of internet ; it is a FACT ! We almost missed the bitcoin boom ( still hope as sun is on ours ide and BTC is public blockchain).

But still, we have blockchain technology with its multiple use-cases possibilities.

Let’s build a real african (not Jumia) !

African spirit, is quite different ! You want to gain money and prestigious on black continent ?

Be part of the culture ! It is simple !

Word sees africans as not so qualified ! Jumia won’t say contrary ! Its business plan directed on occidental way of consumption is not working ! (billion of loss… hum !!!)

The best way to catch african value, is to create it « out of thin » : Satoshi’s Golden Rule !

Everywhere you can find a form of attention*work*time-spent, there is the value !

Let me explain !

In occidental world, time is money ! well said ! In Africa, the most important thing is not time ! We take our time to live. Those who had chance to visit the continent know, we don’t run ! We take our time !

But what african brings up to the market ? the best he has : Love ! Yes ! you read it ! Love !

Now, which form this value takes : well, let’s talk about a jewerly artist ! He takes his time to shape his work. He chooses the best material, polishes them, admires them… Nothing industrial (seems so !). But the result at the end is one : no where in the world you won’t find a second original work (unless it is a copy ! A shame !).

Blockchain is for black continent ! I have no doubt !

An based on blockchain could bring a fair share of values on the continent ! The secret ?

Let’s tokenized every value on continent. Everybody will have enough for his needs. No doubts !

I hope very soon (in next month), we will bring to the world, the first beta based on LOVE (attention*work(talent)*time-spent )!

Love you all !

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