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The immaterial economy: a value for all [the new el_dorado for forgotten-ones]

What is the immaterial economy? Is it only an online economy?

No, it is far more than that. All is about attention, time and talent...

Somalian, newyorker or russian, we all have this in common: time and attention...

How do we used them?

Most of us went to state or private school from childhood to gain some knowledge, some of us learned from elders as it was in the ancient times...

Some are very qualified for nowadays world, when others did not get the chance to do big studies. But in common we do have as values, time and attention.

So my question is why do we keep pushing time and attention to material/physical world when immaterial/virtual has more to give?

To be fair, I don’t blame material world, which in my mind has the symbol of carbon. In fact we are living in carbon era or in some kind of transitional world, thanks to some awesome entrepreneurs( Hail! Musk! Hail Satoshi!) .

But question remains: how can we better gain or drain value based on time and attention in fictive world than it is in material fungible/non-fungible world?

When I was born, my parents didn’t tell me that the most valuable I had were time and attention. They mechanically sent me to French School till war ( in Rwanda). We fleet towards several countries where I learned that the world is plenty of cultural and spiritual knowledges. I learned how to respect every being ( from stone to elephant). But nobody told me I had to be aware of time and attention.

Sometimes when people visited my family, some business women and men used to say: “time is money boy”. Well even after all, I still didn’t get the correlation between both elements : time and money? How?

Well I understood what that meant in capitalistic and monopolistic world. But then we still didn’t quantify and value everybody’s time. Our very materialistic economy is dying not because we are totally selfish(aha!), but (I hope!) because we still don’t know how to put value in every single moment, action, breath, thinking on humankind...

In the new economy of immaterialistic world ( which is not mature by the way), we still have the same tools to qualify or quantify everything including knowledge, competence…

But things could change soon, thanks to new technologies like artificial intelligence or better, blockchain.

In fact, we are witnessing major changes. For example, let’s consider recent browser (BRAVE) based on attention * time: BAT (for Basic Attention Token).

Besides the fact that the use-case of blockchain (ethereum) is awesome, advertisers, publishers and the most important, users, are all rewarded: Ones for their talent(works, content publishers) * time * attention (which by the way produce LOVE), others by attention * time (bring worthy value like BAT token). At the end, everybody is happy somehow: investors, founders, users, miners,... .

That’s is a very proof that we are able to share what everybody has most valuable on a specific moment ( talent, work, time * attention). So an ideal future is that future where every moment of human kind is given its fair value no matter what. Then now it’s time to find more use-cases for blockchain and new technologies and bring more and more values to the big market.

The new gold is attention * time, not coal or petroleum.

The new sight my generation is having on World, could be a chance for everyone to make H-Eart-h( before Mars I hope) a better place to live and prosper.

Written With LOVE ( Work * Time * Attention)

NB: *: means multiply by

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